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It starts with a vision

It’s more than designing buildings, structures, walls and frames. A great architect can design environments, inside and out, to enhance a person’s work, well-being and experiences. For over twenty five years, I’ve approached projects with people, places and spaces in mind and an ambitious spirit at heart. How can I help a client become more efficient, more effective and more comfortable? How may my work inspire theirs? It starts with a vision. My passion, curiosity and ambition drives me to create unique environments that reflect the vision of my clients. Innovation is the direct result of understanding my clients’ goals, building types, design context and budget considerations so I make sure our process is collaborative. Like my work, I expect my relationships with clients and vendors to stand the test of time. Ultimately, I measure our success by the client’s satisfaction with the end product – their vision realized.
[ Pre-Design Phase ]

Feasibility Studies

If you can dream it, I can evaluate and plan it. Within terrestrial limits, of course. It’s important that serious upfront reality-checking happens before any expectations are set. Before design can start on a residential or commercial project, we roll up our sleeves and dig into all possibilities that either fulfill your vision of the final product or, as often happens, create new options that, ultimately, achieve the remarkable. Should you buy and/or invest in a particular property? We’ll provide a POV with pros and cons, and alternatives if they’re there. What can actually be built or modified based on zoning, land-surveys and site analysis? We’ll show you — in pictures and in words.

Conceptual &
Schematic Design

Once we’ve landed on a vision and direction, it’s inspiration time. This is where the form and function of your (remarkable) structure are defined and visualized. With your wants, needs, and the story you want to tell (and the story your property or structure is already defined by) at the forefront, the Remarkable Structures team will produce drawings and/or models that bring your vision to life and give us both a conceptual roadmap to guide us.

Design Development &
Project Documentation

Consider this the final ‘assembly line’ stage of design, where materials, finishes and fixtures are mapped into revised drawings in detail and structural elements including plumbing, electrical, and heating/ventilation systems, energy requirements are integrated to complete the vision. For more complex projects, this stage can include a comprehensive 3D rendering so that all stakeholders — technical, builders, designers — can visualize a fully dimensional model of what is being created for you. Once complete, all interior and exterior design inputs are ready for implementation.

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